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Flame of the forest by Pallavi Foley

#Bodyjewellery #pallavifoley #legaccessory #trend2019 #indiandesigners  About The Collection: Collection Name – “Flame Of The Forest” -Inspired By the Beautiful Orange Flower “Flame Of The Forest”. The flowers are bright orange-red which in many of Rabindranath Tagore’s poems and songs connects the flame like form of the flower to that of fire. In different regions of India, the flower has different significance. In one region, it depicts spring and in another, it is used for the worship of Lord Shiva and is considered a form of Agni. Flame of the Forest is an ode to Bangalore, a city where Pallavi started her career as well as the birth city of . This collection captures the beauty of Bangalore city having a blend of organic leaves as well as the modern buildings all around the city.Pallavi has used this flower in an avant garde sculptural tone, where the flowers are in full blossom and also they almost feel like the flame is emerging away from the body. At the same note, s…