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While I was studying design at NIFT Delhi, I spent a lot of time with my maternal grandfather who would chant the Gayatri Mantra, in the middle of the many stories, that he told me, during my regular weekend walks at Lodi-garden in Delhi. He believed it gave him strength. This faith was enchanting to witness for me, as i grew up in a household that was deeply spiritual but not necessarily religious. Later as a young woman learning design,I was fascinated with the world renowned Faberge jewelled eggs. The germ of the idea to create three dimensional prayer eggs, came when a good friend going through trying circumstances asked me to give her something she could wear that would bring her peace and strength. Bringing two strong influences together, Faberge and my late grandfather, I designed the prayer egg collection - drop pendants, or charms, in prayers of ten different faiths. But why an egg ?  Because life comes from it, it is three dimensional just like our body is . It is my way of wish…

Miss India Crowns

Long before I launched my signature line of jewellery, I was pushing the boundaries of design and redefining form through my work at Tanishq. A cherished project I worked on with the team at Tanishq, were the crowns to be made for The-Femina-Miss-India 2006-2007 beauty pageants. The crowns were to be designed for Miss India Universe and Miss India Earth and Miss India World. I like every piece of mine to tell a story and as a young woman given the task to redesign an iconic statement, I thought I must move away from the traditional tiara crown and give it more meaning to the wearer. Designs that would embody all that the pageant stood for, in it’s avant-garde approach and yet retain an Indian sensibility. I translated the auspicious tilak-ceremony to celebrate victory, a traditional Indian ritual of applying vermillion to the forehead, into the Miss Universe crown with the large red stone. But there’s more. This crown draws its form from the galaxies in which the delicate strands with p…